Classic Bible Survey with Monty Sholund

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Unlock the Mysteries of Old Testament Poetry & Prophecy

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Course Overview:

Dive deep into the sacred texts of the Old Testament with our comprehensive course on Poetry and Prophecy. Delve into the profound wisdom and timeless truths contained within these ancient scriptures.


What You'll Learn:

Exploring Poetry: Uncover the beauty and depth of Hebrew poetry in Psalms, Proverbs, Job, and more. Learn to appreciate the rich symbolism and nuanced language of these poetic masterpieces.

Decoding Prophecy: Journey through the prophetic books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and others. Gain insights into the visions and messages that have shaped Christian thought and inspired countless generations.

Connecting with History: Immerse yourself in the historical and cultural context of the Old Testament. Discover how the beliefs and struggles of ancient Israelites still resonate with us today.

Course Features:

Expert Instruction: Learn from Village Schools of the Bible founder, Monty Sholund. You’ll be inspired by his love of the Scriptures and his passionate and incisive teaching.

Interactive Learning: Engage in stimulating online discussions and reflective exercises that deepen your understanding.

Certificate of Completion: This course counts towards a certificate recognizing your dedication and achievement upon completing the entire Cover-to-Cover course.


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12-week course

Job-Malachi (April 18 - July 5)

Instructor: Monty Sholund (Video lessons)

Class facilitator: Warwick Alcock

Participate at a time that works for you

from the comfort of your home. 

New lesson opens each Friday.

Attend a welcome and orientation session on

Thursday prior to start of class on Zoom 6:30-7:30 pm.

Course fee: $55 per person (includes textbook)

Scholarships available - please ask.