frequently asked questions

What is Village Schools of the Bible?

Village Schools of the Bible transforms lives through in-depth study of God’s Word. People of all ages and denominations can get a holistic understanding of the Bible and grow in their faith through reading the Bible.

Where are classes?

We offer Cover-to-Cover Bible Survey in person and in digital / e-learning formats. Live classes are held in churches in these locations.

What is the Cover-to-Cover class?

Cover-to-Cover is a two-semester, 15 week per semester class. Students read the Bible cover to cover, with weekly discussions and writing assignments. Classes last for two hours. Reading the Bible and writing papers takes about six to eight hours per week. This discipleship ministry is both intense and transformational.

What is the cost?

Our Cover-to-Cover survey costs $149 per semester. Because we underwrite the cost of each student by 80%, we depend upon the generosity of God’s people who desire to promote the Word of God. If you are led to give to help transform lives through God's Word, click here

What is the difference between Certificate and Diploma level participation?

Students are encouraged to fully participate in the classes by writing papers each week. 

Certificate students are required to create a brief summary of each book of the Bible and trace the Scarlet Thread of Redemption in those books.

Diploma students complete both the certificate level homework and write a short essay on one of the topics provided each week. Find out more here. 

Can I get university credit?

We have agreements with select universities for credit transfer. These agreements provide great opportunities for high school students looking to get a jump-start on their college careers. They have the opportunity to learn about the Bible and build their faith through the Word of God.

Do I have to be a certain denomination?

Everyone is welcome at Village Schools of the Bible, no matter your age, background or denomination. Whether you’re a new Christian or you’ve grown up in the church, there is so much to learn about God’s Word. We want to give everyone a holistic understanding through a nine month course that covers the entire Bible.

How do I sign up?

Click here to register. You can also email us at: Village Schools of the Bible with any further questions, or to sign up.