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our students - written testimonies

Everyone is welcome at Village Schools of the Bible, and anyone can benefit from studying God's Word -- regardless of age, denomination or background.

  • Mary MUeller, Principal,

    South heights christian classes

    This is an amazing opportunity…I wish this had been there for my kids when they were growing up. I am so pleased you are willing to make [Cover-to-Cover Bible Survey] available for our students. We have truly enjoyed having the Cover-to-Cover Bible class at South Heights this year. [The teaching is] wonderful and our students have benefitted, to be sure. The price [is] great, and the opportunity to save money for multiple members of the family taking the class is terrific and very helpful to our families.  We are very excited to be working with you. What you…are doing is critical. I'm a big believer in the importance of your ministry!

  • Sonja, Sydney & Alexandra lindgren

    My eldest daughter Sydney (in photo, left) and I (Sonja) took Cover-to-Cover together. It was a wonderful shared experience. The credits that Sydney has earned through Village Schools will help her complete her Bible minor at the University of Northwestern, St. Paul. This is a wonderful blessing -- but the true and eternal blessing is the spiritual growth we gained in studying the Word of God together. 

    I am currently taking Cover-to-Cover  with my second daughter, Alexandra, and I cannot begin to put a value on the knowledge shared and heart-changing effect of studying God's Word through Village Schools.

  • bethany habbena

    Cover-to-Cover is an amazing class. I have to read, write and give serious thought to the questions they ask me. Village has taught me more about history and the Bible than all the other history classes I've taken combined. It's very interesting to step back and look at the big picture, and really see the Bible as a whole, looking at all the connections and contrasts I've never even realized or given any thought to before. It's changed my life.

  • Justin Eggert

    Many Sunday morning coffee-hour type Sunday Schools offer great fellowship, but I was looking for more rigor, depth and structure. This is what Cover-to-Cover offers. This means investing time every day reading the Bible, digesting it and answering searching questions. Writing papers was the most beneficial. When you have to write something, it adds so much clarity. The course has been life transforming. I now see the Scarlet Thread of Redemption running through the Bible. The Bible has come to life for me. 

  • Emily Clarke

    When my parents enrolled my family in the Cover-to-Cover course, I was 14 years old. Little did I know that in time, God would use this course to light a fire in my heart for His Word. The most important thing I learned is that Christ is in every book of the Bible. This course was the perfect springboard into a deeper walk with Christ as I moved through high school and on to College. I am now excited to read God's Word and am better able to understand just how wonderful God is.

  • craig alcock

    I took the Cover-to-Cover course as a College freshman, and looking back, I count the Cover-to-Cover experience among the most spiritually nourishing seasons of my life. Traversing the Bible at pace enriched my comprehension of how the scriptures fit together, and how the story-line threads its way through each book.  I was armed with a sturdy Biblical comprehension, resilient scriptural confidence, and a keen sense of ownership of my faith. This course offers young people a way to boost their faith significantly at a time when they need it most.

student snippets

“These classes are life changing! I’m so glad God made it possible to put this program together.”

- Deb

“I’ve been very blessed by the experience and am grateful for the exposure to your teachings and encouragements. Thank you for a wonderful class, and the learning and growing experience.”

- Mark

“I really enjoyed it. It is a lot of hard work, but I learned a whole lot. I would recommend it to everyone. It is also a lot of fun.”

- Judy

“I have done many Bible studies over the course of my Christian life, but none has had the impact of Cover-to-Cover. Reading God’s Word from beginning to end gave me a strong awareness of God’s character and purpose. The Bible ultimately is one story of a holy God pursuing a sinful people to make them His own through the death of his perfect Son, to the praise of His glorious grace forever! I grew in my love for Jesus, and my desire to live a life worthy of Him.”

- Laura

“Thank you so much for your anointed teaching. I can’t tell you how much it’s blessed me to be around others who love to study God’s Word. Abundant blessings to you.”

- Janet

"Cover-to-Cover has been life-transforming. I explain to my friends the depth of understanding that I've achieved through this course and how the Bible has come to life for me. Cover-to-Cover should be for everybody!"

- Justin

"It was a truly an enriching experience. I look back now and say it was one of the more important decisions of my life, impacting my walk with the Lord Jesus Christ."

- Bob