why take cover-to-cover?

Life Transforming

Since 1982 Village Schools of the Bible has guided more than 7,000 people through this comprehensive,  full immersion discipleship study of the Bible. One student wrote, "This course has been life-changing for me. I came into the class without a real knowledge of the Old Testament at all. I feel like my relationship with the Lord has grown so much, and my understanding is much more in-depth. I am excited about the Word."

Ed Stetzer of LifeWay Research says that biblical illiteracy is an "epidemic" in America. "Americans, including church-goers, aren't reading much of any book, including the Good Book." -- CT. July 6, 2015.

What is the Cover-to-Cover Bible Course?

Over four decades, Village Schools of the Bible has helped people read the entire Bible in nine months. Our text books provide a large view of each book of the Bible. Students' reflection papers encourage deep thinking and practical application of the truths discovered in the Bible.

Cover-to-Cover is a 32-week discipleship experience. 16 weeks are spent in the Old Testament. 16 weeks are spent in the New Testament. Five major themes are discussed and reviewed during these 32 weeks:

  1. God's Unfolding plan of Redemption
  2. The Centrality of Jesus Christ, or what we call the Scarlet Thread of Redemption.
  3. The Unity of the Bible.
  4. The Centrality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  5. The Practical Application of God's Word for Daily Living.

Classes are taught in local churches by trained and experienced Bible teachers. We offer online classes. Each online student has a trained and experienced Bible mentor who walks with them through the entire 32 weeks. View a typical class schedule here.

Click to see which format is best for you: in person; virtual or online class format. Also, you can take the course at different levels, diploma, certificate or audit.

The Impact of Cover-to-Cover Bible Course

Those who experience our discipleship in Cover-to-Cover Bible Course are better equipped to lead in the local church, home, and community.  They have greater confidence in sharing the Word of God. They have great confidence in God and His promises.

Looking to fulfill a High School course? Interested in earning University Credit?

Cover-to-Cover is great for fulfilling a high school course of for earning university credits. 

Tuition Cost

Tuition is $149 per person per semester with a family maximum of $249.  Scholarships are offered.

One of our online students wrote, "Jesus is written all over the Old Testament and everything points to Him. This course far exceeded my expectations, mainly because the Holy Spirit used it to change me in every way to be completely submitted and trusting in Jesus Christ and His plan for human history."

Join the journey! Register today for Cover-to-Cover Online or find a class near you.  We are in Des Moines, IA and the Greater Twin Cities, MN.

To see a Cover-to-Cover brochure, click Here.