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  • Tanzania

    Titus (Tito) Wanyonyi is teaching 3 virtual classes for Pastors in Tanzania totalling 96 Pastors in attendance. Tito also teaches virtual classes in Kenya.

    Mr. Wanyonyi was born in Kenya and is the first born in a family of 23 siblings. Commonly called Tito (a Swahili variant of Titus), Mr. Wanyonyi is married to Alice with whom they have two adult sons. He received his conversion at a tender age of 8 years at the tail-end of the East African Revival. After graduating from the University of Nairobi in 1988, Mr. Wanyonyi was torn between a strong call for full-time ministry and also seeing his many siblings through school. He struck an uncomfortable compromise of handling both. He engaged in business while ministering in his local church. After three decades and all his siblings and children out of school and independent, Mr. Wanyonyi embarked on his lifelong calling by joining Bethel Seminary for his theological studies in 2018. He graduated with an MA in Theological Studies and is now enrolled in the Doctor of Ministry Program. Teaching at Village School of the Bible is a privilege Mr. Wanyonyi cherishes since it fulfills his calling – teaching the word of God in its fullness. 

  • Haiti

    Haiti Students are young (aged approx. 16-24). Many have spent a number of years with Haiti Teen Challenge.

    The goals for the students include, Multiplying godly leaders of integrity, Provide excellent education equivalent to university undergrad and post-grad education (to MA-level). Graduates become active in the local church and may become church leaders.

    VSB’s C2C program will provide critical Biblical education, VSB’s courses are already recognized for credit by UNW-SP.

  • Kenya

    Titus (Tito) Wanyonyi is teaching virtual classes for people in Kenya.  One class for pastors and the other for students.  Tito also teaches virtual classes in Tanzania.

    Regarding both Tanzania and Kenya, Tito explains, "The majority of these pastors are constrained by the inability to pay college tuition, families that heavily depend on their physical presence, and pastoring churches full time which limit educational options."

  • South Africa

    Letson Kamwana is teaching two Old Testament Cover-to-Cover classes in the Cape Town and Knysna areas.

    The Masiphumelele / Fish Hoek class started Jan. 16, 2023

    The Knysna group started Jan. 6, 2023. Location is 490 km (six hour drive) east of Cape Town.

    Letson has four apprentice teachers who are graduates from previous Cover-to-Cover classes, they assist him with teaching classes in both locations.

    He is a missionary of the Full Gospel Church (Fullies) in Fish Hoek, and ministers to the people of Masiphumelele. Originally from Malawi, Letson has studied at Rosebank Bible College, UNISA and Capet Theological Seminary and holds a Diploma in Ministry and an Advanced Bible Course Diploma.He has served in churches in Malawi and South Africa as a sunday school teacher, youth mentor and mobilizer for missions. He loves travelling, playing sports - basektball, soccer, volley ball and tennis and likes to read.  He lives in Fish Hoek with his wife and daughter.

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Facts about Africa and Church Growth

According to the World Religion Database, African Christians accounted for 23 percent of the World Christian population by 2013. This increased to 25 percent by 2020 and is projected to increase to 29 percent and 38 percent of the world’s Christian population by 2030 and 2050 respectively.1

As Julius Gathogo puts it, “the numerical center of Christian gravity has shifted to Africa.”2

85 to 90 percent of African Evangelical Pastors have no formal theological Coupled with an ever-increasing influx of the prosperity gospel, syncretism, and compromise of biblical faith, the resultant spiritual mix is catastrophic. 3

1. Todd, World Religion Database. 

2. Gathogo, Julius, John Mbiti and Others, “Historical Developments of Christian Education in Eastern Africa – The Example of Julius Krapf.” In Handbook of Theological Education in Africa, edited by Isabel Apawo Phiri, et al, 28–46. 1517 Media, 2013.

3. David Tarus, “Theological Education in Africa: An Interview with David Tarus,” Modern Reformation: Thinking Theologically (July 1, 2021), accessed on 06/05/2023,