Bible study resources for small groups

1. The Light of God's Word - Old Testament.

2. The Light of God's Word - New Testament.

The first Bible study booklet covers ten high points from the Old Testament, the second covers ten high points from the New Testament. Together the two ten-week studies show how the entire Bible fits together to tell a single, integrated story about God. These are great resources for the following:

  • An overview of the entire Bible in small group format.

  • An easier study before taking the full Cover-to-Cover class.

  • Cover-to-Cover graduates who would like to lead a small group.

Pick up a free booklet to see if it would suitable for your group. 

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The Bible study booklets cost $10 each + additional shipping fees. 

         (shipping fee for 1 book is $9.90, shipping fee for 2+ books is $17.05).

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participant feedback

I was asked by a friend if I wanted to join her in a Bible study. Not knowing anything about the program I said, "Absolutely!" Reading and wanting to understand the Bible is new to me. I started meeting along with my friend and some ladies I’ve never met before. I can honestly say this has been an amazing experience and I know I’ve made lifetime friendships with fellow friends in faith. 

The workbook is wonderfully done from beginner level to the advanced in Bible knowledge. It’s truly ideal for everyone seeking the words of the Bible. I’ve taken away a more personal relationship with God with the help of discussion and reading content provided in the workbook. I highly recommend and encourage anyone to join the Light of God’s Word study. --- Robin A.

additional resources for small groups

Below is a list of available Bible study booklets for small groups, 

written by VSB founder, Monty Sholund.

books of the Bible











2 Peter

Letters of John, Servant of the Lord

studies on key topics

Jesus in Prayer

The LEAP of true Faith

The Christian Mission for Today

Successful Discipling

The Making of a Leader


Supermarket Christians

What Happened to God's gift to the world, the Church? 

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