everyday faith seminar series

A seminar series with a variety of leaders from across the Twin Cities! 

Next Course: Arranged with you.

Venue: At your church or venue.

10 weeks | Cost $125/$220 per couple.

Everyday Faith focuses on faith application. This is a fast-paced series of guest speakers from various walks of life who are role models in living out their faith in their daily lives. Topics include effective self-management, weathering crises, discipling children, leadership and staying true to the mission in our ever-changing world.

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Feedback from previous seminar participants

Thank you – thank you. Has given me so much encouragement…direction and hope.

Liked the "grass roots" approach. Very helpful and practical. Many insights that I could apply immediately.

Extremely helpful…The practicality of each seminar was appreciated…Have been able to put things into practice immediately... Awesome course!  --  Greg Purchla, Pastor, St Luke’s Church, Faribault.

business-as-mission workshops

Who should attend

Business founders, entrepreneurs, owners and business leaders  (C-level executives, presidents, and board chairs) who follow Jesus Christ and are called to business as mission.

Workshop outcomes

These workshops equip business owners and leaders to exercise their gifts, calling and experience to help meet the world’s most pressing spiritual and physical needs through business as mission, for the greater glory of God. 

The workshop series brings about a clear understanding of the following:

  • God’s purposes for work and business.
  • The role of business people in church and missions.
  • The needs of the world, and the redemptive responses of business.
  • God’s calling and equipping of business people for Kingdom purposes.
  • Servant leadership modeled on Christ as distinct from secular leadership.
  • The role of business in the gospel transformation of communities and societies.
  • The need for business development with a Kingdom-of-God perspective, purpose and impact.
  • Business multiplication for spiritual, economic, social and environmental transformation.
  • How business can bring glory to God in the marketplace and beyond.

Click here to see the Business as Mission manifesto to which we adhere.