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VSB international - distance education

Distance learning is the way of the future. Why?

  • Affordability. Brick-and-mortar education is becoming less affordable by the day. On the other hand, distance education through the use of technology offers a high-quality, individualized learning experience.
  • Community. Previously, the lack of “live” interpersonal interaction was considered a disadvantage to discipleship and community. But creative educators are now able to use innovative technology to foster interaction with tutors and fellow students via the learning site that are deep and meaningful.
  • A rich learning environment. Students make new friends from across the globe and learn from the best instructors from around the world. It's a great way to broaden one’s horizons. Learning from the perspectives of people from other cultural backgrounds and other parts of the world is enriching and exciting!
  • Convenience. Distance learning is a very convenient form of education as anyone anywhere has the opportunity to study and work at the time of day or night that suits him or her best. This means that you are not physically tied to a brick-and-mortar venue at a specific time. Distance education offers immediate accessibility to your learning world.
  • Flexibility. There is far more flexibility with distance learning: you can still continue to develop a career and earn a living while you study, and at a much lower price.

Success will require self-discipline. Set goals -- and stick to them. Plan your study periods. Develop a study routine. Study in the same place and time every day. Tell family and friends you need their support, and ask them to help keep you accountable. 

You are not alone. Our team of pastors, teachers and mentors are committed to helping you not only to improve your knowledge of the Bible, but also to help you apply your learning in an integrated way in your context: at home, church, the community and the workplace.

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