Executive Director - Laurie Besonen

What a joy and privilege to lead the Village Schools of the Bible community! Village Schools of the Bible is a discipleship ministry whose mission is to see people transformed by God’s word. This is a prevailing passion of mine.  


I am so grateful in this season of social unrest and rampant disease that God and His Word never change!  Everywhere one looks there is cause for despair, well, almost everywhere.  Hebrews 12:2 encourages us to “fix our eyes on Jesus, the founder and protector of our faith” (ESV).  As we fix our eyes on Jesus, He faithfully and compassionately changes us!  And He is the hope that we have to share in this time of deep disillusionment and loss.


Many of you are being transformed by God and His word!  Many of you have faithfully prayed and invested your resources in Village Schools of the Bible so that together we can continue to make disciples.  Thank you!  


Mission of Village Schools of the Bible

Our mission is to transform people by a deep and comprehensive study of God’s Word. We believe that when God’s people understand and apply God’s Word they live in God’s joy and serve others at home, church and around the world.

our board

David Viland (Chair)

Laurie Besonen (Executive Director)

Tom Dahlquist

Gretchen Englund

Liza Halverson

Titus Wanyonyi

Dean Engebretson

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