We are the Village family. After three decades, over 7,000 people have benefited from VSB courses and other offerings. We're scatted among workplaces, churches and neighborhoods in many states and countries. Regardless of where we are, we're united together by our love of Jesus Christ and His Word of truth. Remember those late night Bible studies writing reflection papers? Those searching and challenging discipling or classroom sessions? The time of profound spiritual growth? One thing's for sure: you'll remember VSB and Cover-to-Cover for the rest of your life!

As the Village family, we're here to walk with you through whatever life brings. Let us know what VSB can continue to do for you -- and explore the many ways in which you can stay connected.

  • Take Cover-to-Cover Online -- refresh your spirit through a new way to dig deeper into God's Word, with online students from around the world.
  • Take VSB's Everyday Faith seminar series, or the Biblical Leadership class. Both are designed as a next step follow-up for Cover-to-Cover grads.
  • Subscribe to the VSB Update newsletter and have it emailed to your inbox.
  • Consider joining a prayer group, connecting with alumni, attending an event, or sharing your Cover-to-Cover experience with prospective students.
  • Re-establish friendships or take advantage of social and professional networking opportunities with other VSB alumni.
  • Stay connected via Facebook.

The Village family is with you for life.