40th Anniversary Gala

The Joy of the Lord was evident at our Anniversary Gala!

Enjoy videos and photos below.

Together we honored the past and celebrated vision for the future of Village Schools of the Bible!  

It was a night of sharing memories, fellowship, and a delicious dinner!  

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We raised funds for teaching God's Word and transforming lives "...make disciples of all nations,...teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you." Matthew 28:19-20


Venue location:

Arboretum - U of Minnesota Landscape, Chaska, MN

April 22nd, 6-9 PM

Videos shared at Gala

Please enjoy these videos from our Gala presentation


Village Schools of the Bible 40 Year Anniversary!

This fall Village Schools of the Bible will celebrate 40 years of ministry. It all began at

Village Free Church in Loretto/Maple Plain, MN in the of fall 1982 when Monty Sholund

was asked to teach the whole Bible to friends at this church. This is the story in his words:

“During these early Village Church days, a man came up to me with a well-worn Bible

and said, “Monty, to look at my Bible you’d think I knew it, but my knowledge of it in its

entirety is pathetic. Would you teach me the Bible?” Inquiries were made and others,

who also had a desire to study the Scriptures in a systematic, disciplined way showed interest.

So, Village Schools of the Bible was born in 1982, at the Village Free Church, with a

student body of thirty. Twenty-two graduated nine months later and this first class

was a wonderful foundation for the years to come. The chairman of this school was

Gregg Bergman and the treasurer was his father, Virgil Bergman. Another school was

begun at the Covenant Church in Buffalo, with 25 students enrolling and this, 

too, developed into an enthusiastic class of Bible-lovers.”

Monty led Village Schools until his retirement when he remained involved for several

more years. In 1999, Monty entrusted the leadership of VSB to Max Frazier who is

known for his excellence in teaching. Warren Coe, with his vast experience, aptly led VSB

from 2011 until his retirement in 2020. Laurie Besonen then joined VSB as the Executive Director.

God has been faithful through all these years and the ministry has continued to teach

the whole Bible from Cover to Cover at churches around the Twin Cities, in South Africa,

India, and Pakistan, and virtually over the internet since Covid in 2020. Thank you for

your faithful prayers and generous giving that makes this impact possible.

You are a vital part of our mission and we want to hear your stories about Village

Schools of the Bible. When were you a student? Who taught you? What impact did the

course have on you? Is there one moment or verse or comment that stands out in your

memory? Do you have any pictures of your class or our teachers? Please share your

memories with us so that we can remember the highlights of 40 years of ministry.

Send any items to Trish@villageschoolsofthebible.org.

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