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  • Workplace multiplication ministry

    Steve Mann | November 17, 2016

    Steve, a senior director of finance in the corporate business world, lives out the Great Commission from Monday to Friday outside the four walls of the church building. Steve shared with us how to start a multiplication ministry in the workplace: how to start Bible studies, how to reach out to non-believers, and how to to raise leaders -- in short, how to sow the gospel and multiply! Click here for more. 

  • Retire or refire!

    Jim Sandberg and others. | 13 October 2015

    Retirement is an opportunity to take stock and refire!  Jim and his team helped us consider what we can do to make the years ahead satisfying and meaningful, discovering each day as a gift to enhance life, serve others, and grow spiritually. Refire means living fired up, joyfully, and on mission under the lordship of Jesus Christ, thus making all the years ahead truly worth living! 

    Click here for an overview of this seminar.

  • God's purposes for work and business

    Joe King (Owner - King Technology), Randy Roseth (President), Lisa Iverson (HR) | Sept. 29, 2016

    This Everyday Faith seminar focused on Business as Mission -- the role of business people in the mission of God. At first glance, King Technology is a pool and spa water maintenance business. However, it has a higher vision: to enrich people's lives daily. At this seminar Joe and his team walked us through their vision, mission and values and how they live them out in practice each day. (This seminar was generously sponsored by Bethel Seminary's Work with Purpose initiative.) Click here for an overview of seminar contents.

  • God and healing

    Dr. Marc Swiontkoski | May 18, 2016.

    This Everyday Faith seminar addressed faith through the eyes of a surgeon. Marc is an orthopedic surgery/fracture specialist who works at Tria, a musculoskeletal care provider in the Twin Cities. He is also a professor in the department of orthopedics at the University of Minnesota. Health care is a matter that concerns us all. This was a great opportunity to learn from a practicing surgeon about God and healing.   Click here for an overview of this seminar.


    Kent O'Grady | March 23, 2016

    In this Everyday Faith seminar, Kent, a senior officer (retired) from the Minnesota State Patrol, provided guidelines on how to express faith appropriately, given the legal rights and parameters governing the workplace. Kent provided a number of compelling practical examples from his own experience. Sandy Gilbert, an attorney, helped with Q&A.  Click here for an overview of this seminar. 

  • Following jesus: living the mission

    Art Hill | January 20, 2016

    Our initial Everyday Faith seminar was led by Art Hill, a professor from Carlson School of Management. This seminar covered a basic theology of work as well as case studies to help us learn in a very practical way how to live out our faith in our various places of work. Click here for an overview of this seminar.  

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    Dr. Harvey Martin | November 11, 2015.

    This 21st Century has seen the escalation of a movement away from God and the legalization and normalization of pagan practices. The socially destructive consequences of these trends are reverberating throughout society. Have we reached a tipping point? Has God given our global society over to the consequences of our own settled choices? Click here for an overview of this seminar.


    Reuben David | March 4, 2015

    Reuben, a former scholar with The Wilberforce Forum, a Christian think tank founded by Charles Colson, addressed the questions, "What is Islam? How does it differ from Christianity?" Click here for an overview of this seminar.

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