fulfill high school courses, or earn university credits!

Cover-to-Cover Bible Survey is designed for students 14 years and older. See what students can expect. Students may wish to take Cover-to-Cover to fulfill high school courses. Alternatively, students taking Cover-to-Cover at the diploma level can transfer up to six university credits through our cooperative agreements with the University of Northwestern-St. PaulCrown College, Association Free Lutheran Bible School and Oak Hills Christian College. (Note: matriculated students [i.e., admitted, enrolled, and attending as regular students] previously or currently enrolled at University of Northwestern - Saint Paul (UNW) are not eligible to transfer credits to UNW for Cover-to-Cover. Only students who take Cover-to-Cover prior to matriculating to UNW are eligible to transfer credits. As such, the transfer of credit restriction does not pertain to PSEO students.)

In addition to earning credits for Cover-to-Cover, students can also earn credits for our Everyday Faith and Biblical Leadership classes. Note these provisos