Biblical leadership

Who should attend

Leaders or those aspiring to leadership (whether inside our outside the four walls of the church building) who desire to model their leadership on the Way, the Truth and the Life of Christ.

Course overview

This course covers the difference between Biblical leadership and secular leadership, and includes topics such as principles of Biblical leadership with reference to Joseph, Moses, Nehemiah, Jesus & Paul; spiritual development and self-evaluation; spiritual warfare and spiritual strengths; calling and the Great Commission; power and authority; the dark side of leadership; discerning the times (analyzing culture); minorities, gender considerations, people with disabilities, and strategic planning for the future. The course will also focus on application and reflection papers, as well as teaching and sharing lessons learned.

Next class will be held in 2017. Date, time and place to be announced.

Cost: $100. 

Biblical foundations for leadership

Who should attend 

Those interested in the teaching and discipling aspects of the Great Commission, including teachers and mentors, as well as small group leaders, ministry leaders and church elders. People outside the four walls of the church building, who wish to root their leadership approach in Biblical truth, are also invited to attend -- i.e. supervisors, team leads, managers, business owners.

Course overview

As a result of this course, participants will be equipped to teach and disciple others. In addition they will have a good understanding of the following:

  • Systematic theology (Bible Overview)

  • The major doctrines of the Bible

  • How to study the Bible (Hermeneutics)

  • How to teach the Bible

  • How to develop rich learning environments

  • How to disciple and serve others

Next Class will be held in 2017. Date, time and place to be announced.

Cost: $100.