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Our Cover-to-Cover Bible Survey course is available as an E-Learning option. Using the latest online learning best practices, we provide a rich E-learning environment consisting of a series of 8-minute video lessons by Pastor Warren Coe, learning-together online conversations with other students, and personal interaction with mentors. It’s a great way to take Cover-to-Cover!

Students may wish to seek College Credit. For further information about our credit transfer agreement, click here.

Old Testament semester begins August 21, 2017 |  Cost $129

New Testament semester begins January 8, 2018 |  Cost $129

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Feedback from online students:

This was wonderful for me. I was able to get through Scripture without feeling too overwhelmed…It was intense and time-consuming — but SO well worth it. Thank you!! — Amy Sonquist, Online student, Fall 2016.

"I have so enjoyed and learned and grown as a follower of Christ through the OT and NT Cover-to-Cover courses. I cannot thank you enough for providing an online option, for the great mentoring, and for the thought-provoking questions to help us along the way. I tell everyone about this great class!...I am planning on having my home-school son take Cover-to-Cover for one of his classes. He is taking College part time, so this will be perfect for him!" 

-- Minda S., online student.

"Jesus is written all over the Old Testament and everything points to Him. This course far exceeded my expectations, mainly because the Holy Spirit used it to change me in every way to be completely submitted to and trusting in Jesus Christ and His plan for human history." 

-- Carrie D., online student.

For additional student feedback, see here.